Thursday, May 22, 2008

Sandwich - Mumbai style

I am sure people from Mumbai do miss the roadside sandwich that we get and the sandwich is toasted on the hand toaster over charcoal flames.......... hmm the thought of it makes me go have some sandwich right now. I love the sandwiches that you get near Marine Lines and Kala Ghoda , South Mumbai. And have a glass on ganne ka juice (sugar cane juice)..... what a classic combination.

Anyways... the recipe for a simple sandwich which I make either on the tava or if you have a griller-toaster that would work fine as well.

2 bread slices
1 onion - cut in rings
1 tomato - cut in rings
1 cucumber - cut in rings
1 green capsicum - cut in rings
1 tsp butter - to apply on the bread slice
1 tsp butter - for grilling
1 tsp green chutney
salt- to taste
sandwich masala - to taste
tomato ketchup, butter and green chutney to apply over the toasted sandwich.

Apply butter on one side of the bread slice and apply chutney to the other bread slice. Place onion rings, tomato,cucumber and capsicum on the bread slice with chutney on it.

Sprinkle a little salt and sandwich masala on them and then cover it with the buttered bread slice.

Apply some butter over the sandwich and place it on the green or tava and toast it till you get a golden brown colour on both sides of the sandwich.

Apply some butter , green chutney and tomato sauce over the sandwich. Cut the sandwich into 4 squares and serve hot.

Serve with a hot cup of tea ( make ginger and cardamom tea)!


My First blog


I am new to this world of blogging as this is first blog and I am very excited about it. I am a cook and I love to cook different recipes, experiment with food and try new things.

I actualyl landed on this site accidently and thought of giving it a try.

I will definetly try and post recipes, the ones I have been experimenting and the ones that I have tried and tested in the past as well.